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KEVIN GANNON, Retired–Sergeant, NYPD

Career Summary

Retired from the New York City Police Department as a Sergeant in the Detective Bureau after 20 years of service. Diversified security, investigative, law enforcement and management experience, with more than 14 years as supervisor. Extensive knowledge of electronic and physical surveillance techniques.

Dignitary and Executive Protection

Lead officer for the personal protection detail of Mother Teresa during her spring 1996 visit to the Bronx, New York. Provided personal protection and security planning for Prince Nawaf of Saudi Arabia during his visit to New York in the summer of 1998. Ranking Officer responsible for coordinating separate travel details for President Fidel Castro, President Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Barak of Israel and Vice President Al Gore during the United Nations Millennium Celebration. NYPD liaison to the U. S. Secret Service, and led the motorcade detail for President Clinton's trip from the United Nations to his residence in Chappaqua, New York. Provided personal protection for Microsoft executive Mr. James Allchin during his Windows XP presentation in New Jersey in October 2001.

Detective Gannon on Protection Detail for Mother Teresa

Sergeant Gannon during 1996 protection detail for Mother Teresa

Major Disaster Training

One of only a few NYPD representatives on Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's 1997 task force for a major disaster response. The task force planned and coordinated an emergency response exercise "Operation I. C. E." (inter–agency chemical exercise) for all municipal services to a major chemical disaster in lower Manhattan. This task force included Department of Defense training regarding biological and chemical warfare attacks.

Law Enforcement Training

Homicide InvestigationKidnapping InvestigationCriminal Investigation
Dignitary/Executive ProtectionApprehension/InvestigationCult Seminar
Secret Service Electronic CrimeSecret Service SurveillanceSecret Service Cellular
Auto Crime InvestigationInsurance FraudMajor Disaster Training

Department Honors / Medals

Most highly decorated member of the Special Investigation Division, Detective Bureau

Recipient of 2 Medals of ValorExceptional Merit (1)Meritorious Police Duty (12)
Recipient of 2 Honorable MentionsCommendations (4)Exceptional Police Duty (77)
Gannon 1994 Medal of ValorGannon 1996 Medal of Valor
Sergeant Gannon awarded first Medal of Valor in 1994Sergeant Gannon awarded second Medal of Valor in 1996


Sergeant / Detective Bureau

1999–2001Homicide Task Force / Nightwatch
Supervisor of detectives responsible for the investigation and apprehension of suspects wanted for the murder of innocent victims. Responsible for the preservation and integrity of crime scenes. Gathering, preserving and analyzing of forensic evidence for use in court. Securing and protection of witnesses. Interviewing of witnesses & Interrogation of perpetrators and the development of information.
1998–1999Rape Task Force
Supervisor of a Rape Task Force involved in the apprehension of four major criminals wanted for rapes in the Bronx and Manhattan from as early as 1993. All four suspects were subsequently arrested.
1997–1998Missing Persons Squad
Responsible for the supervision of detectives and the investigation of major missing person cases. Responding to major disasters (plane crashes) recovering, identifying and preserving of dead human bodies. Briefing local and national electronic and print media regarding high profile missing person's cases with careful consideration towards sensitivity and discretion.
1992–1997Anti–Crime/Robbery Unit
Supervised a team of plain–clothes officers involved in the investigation of violent street crimes, including heavily armed robbery teams. Involved in over 500 arrests for robbery in which over 200 arrests were for criminal possession of a deadly weapon/firearm.
1990–1992Narcotics Division
Responsible for conducting and supervising investigations to identify habits, conduct, movement, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions and reputation of both individuals and groups suspected of dealing narcotics and illegal weapons transactions. Involved in over 600 arrests for criminal sale and possession of controlled substances.
1987–1990Sergeant / Uniform Patrol
Supervisor of (30) uniformed patrol officers and responsibilities related to service for the public to ensure good community relations. Responsible for all types of service ranging from medical emergencies, to intervening in disputes, robberies, burglaries, assaults, murders and suicides.
1986–1987Police Officer
Special Investigator/Narcotics Division
Investigating major cases of drug trafficking and distribution throughout the city. Responsible for preserving the integrity of large sums of money and property along with contraband relevant to the buying and selling of illegal narcotics. Interrogation, questioning and developing of confidential information. Involved with the FBI & DEA Task Force in the largest recovery, arrest and conviction of narcotics (since the French Connection case) over 100 kilos of cocaine.
Plains clothes police officers involved in the investigation and apprehension of dangerous criminals wanted for all types of crimes (homicides, robberies, burglaries, weapons, etc.) Conducted surveillance of suspects, obtained confessions, located witnesses and gathered evidence.
1981–1983Uniformed Police Officer
Patrolled various areas of the Bronx, New York on foot and in patrol cars responding to all types of calls for service.